Frank Sinatra Invented Swag

Frank Sinatra was the shit. If you haven’t heard his music, stop reading this for a second, go to YouTube and search for “My Way”, or click this link if you’re lazy. Frank Sinatra is the embodiment of American excellence, he was a hard-working, hard-drinking, hard-loving showman with a voice that sounds like polished mahogany.  Frank Sinatra was the first real “rockstar”, fuck Elvis. Did Elvis light JFK’s cigarettes for him? No, he was too busy being dead. Did Elvis have an incredible batch of Jack Daniels named after him? No, he was too busy acting in shitty movies and banging underage girls and practicing karate.

Frank Sinatra came from humble beginnings, his parents were Italian immigrants who came over to America to provide their children a better life, and thank God they did. During the Great Depression, when every other child was dressing in tattered rags and dirty shoes, Frank was donning expensive suits. His parents wanted him to be the best-dressed kid in the neighborhood, so they gave him what little money they had to insure he never felt inferior. Those are good parents.

Now, there is some speculation that Frank had some mob ties, I say “So what?” If you’re an Italian immigrant in the 1900’s, and you grew up in a tightly connected community, and you care about the people around you, you’re bound to have a few less-than-savory friends. Just another reason to respect Ol’ Blue Eyes, as he was called for obvious reasons. This man was so suave that he actually got arrested for seducing a woman in New Jersey. Think about that for a second: it actually was a crime to be as smooth as Frank Sinatra. Talk about the real Smooth Criminal. Your grandmother probably had a crush on Frankie, she probably bought his records and learned every word.

Moving past Frank Sinatra the man, let’s talk about Frank Sinatra the singer. The first concept album EVER was by Frank Sinatra. 8 songs about love. The Voice of Frank Sinatra probably was playing in the background as your grandparents were getting jiggy with it after the picture show. Over the course of his 50 year career, Frank Sinatra’s 59 studio albums dominated pop charts, and defined what was cool at the time. His music inspired so many people, from artists like Amy Winehouse and Logic, to actors like Robin Williams and George Clooney.

Long story short: if you don’t like Frank Sinatra, I don’t like you.

Image result for frank sinatra

Even his mugshot is dapper as fuck.

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